Where to emigrate to - a question that many people are currently asking themselves.

Where to emigrate to - a question that many people are currently asking themselves.

Emigrate from Germany

According to statistics, more and more people decide to emigrate from Germany to build a new future abroad. There are many reasons why people want to leave the country, including economic reasons, the need for change and experience, the search for a better climate or lifestyle, and retirement and Social Security. An emigration portal can provide valuable information and practical tips to facilitate the emigration process.

Economic reasons are often a decisive factor that motivates people to leave the country. High unemployment and a difficult economic situation in Germany are causing many people to look for new opportunities abroad. In particular, precarious employment and fixed-term contracts lead workers to look for better job prospects abroad. Also, the fact that the ratio of wages to the cost of living is often off can lead to emigrants being able to achieve their goals abroad due to better career opportunities and a higher income.

The economic opportunities in other countries can be more attractive for many people than in Germany. Countries with growing labor markets, such as Canada, Australia or the U.S., often offer high demand for skilled workers, which can translate into better job prospects and higher incomes. Setting up your own business abroad can also be an attractive option, as many countries have more favorable corporate tax rates and the bureaucracy is often less than in Germany.

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Another factor that drives people to leave Germany is the high cost of living, especially high rents. Moving abroad can often significantly reduce the cost of living. In some countries, for example, rental prices are lower than in Germany, which lowers the cost of living. Lower prices for electricity, gas and gasoline in some countries can also help make living abroad more affordable than in Germany.

Pensions and social security can be another factor that encourages people to leave Germany. Many retirees are looking for countries where they can live well on their pensions. Some countries also offer the option of taking pension rights acquired in Germany abroad. Furthermore, there are also countries where the healthcare system is better and cheaper than in Germany.

This can be especially beneficial for people who need good health care or who have elderly relatives abroad who rely on good health care.

What are the chances of finding employment in another country?

Employment prospects for German immigrants can be fundamentally positive in other countries. However, they strongly depend on the industry and the target country. Before going abroad, it is important to inform yourself sufficiently about the working conditions in the destination country and, if necessary, to acquire or improve language skills in order to have better chances on the labor market.

How does the cost of living compare between Germany and other countries?

The cost of living varies significantly from destination country to destination country. While they are lower in some countries than in Germany, they may be higher in others. It is therefore advisable to inform yourself in detail about the cost of living in the destination country before immigrating and to compare this with your own financial possibilities.

What happens to my social security benefits that I have paid in Germany?

As this does not only concern the pension, it depends on various factors, such as the destination country (EU or non-EU) as well as the personal circumstances of the emigrant. It is important to find out about the various options and conditions in good time in order to be able to make arrangements if necessary. In some cases, it may also be useful to consult with an immigration expert to make an informed decision.

Other possible reasons for emigration from Germany

In addition to economic reasons, there are also cultural and lifestyle reasons why people want to leave Germany. This section addresses some of the key reasons that may justify emigration from Germany.

Educational Opportunities

Although Germany has a high level of education, other countries often offer specialized programs or attractive scholarships for international students that are not available in Germany. Study abroad can be an important career move for many, enhancing their personal and professional development. The experience of studying in another country can help better prepare you for global careers.

Career Development

Some industries offer only limited career opportunities in Germany. Labor markets may be more open in other countries and offer better opportunities for career growth. Lower taxes can be attractive to the self-employed and entrepreneurs. International experience can also be an advantage for a later career in Germany, as international experience is often seen as a positive.

Better quality of life

Another reason for emigration can be the search for a better quality of life. While Germany has a high quality of life, other countries often offer a different work-life balance and a more relaxed atmosphere and work-life balance. Some countries also offer higher security and less social tension than Germany. Other people are looking for a better nature, for example in countries with beautiful beaches, forests or mountains.

Which countries allow a German to have the better educational opportunities?

The USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are some of the countries that are known for their good educational opportunities. Before applying, it is important to research the requirements and admission requirements for international students. In addition, tuition and living expenses should be considered.

How does the work culture of different countries differ?

The work culture in some countries is less hierarchical and there is an open and informal working atmosphere. Other countries have longer working hours, but more holidays and longer lunch breaks. It is advisable to find out in advance about the working culture and conditions in another country. However, a new work environment can also be an opportunity to discover new perspectives and possibilities.


Overall, there are many reasons why people leave Germany and emigrate to another country. Whether it’s improving career opportunities, broadening cultural experiences or seeking a better quality of life, emigration can be an opportunity to grow personally and discover new horizons. However, it is important to do some careful consideration and planning to ensure a successful emigration and minimize the risks.

When emigrating from Germany there are legal and administrative issues to consider

When leaving Germany, there are many legal and administrative considerations that can vary depending on the destination country. It is crucial to get comprehensive information in advance to ensure a smooth emigration process. These include:

  • Visa and Immigration Procedures: Depending on the destination country, you may need a visa or residence permit to enter and work in the country. The requirements and application process can vary greatly depending on the destination country.
  • Housing and real estate: When leaving Germany, you have to take care of your housing situation, such as deciding whether to sell or rent your property. The legal requirements must be observed and, if necessary, an asset manager must be engaged.
  • Health care and insurance: New health insurance in the destination country must be obtained. The legal requirements of the destination country should be observed and, if necessary, additional insurance should be taken out.
  • Taxes and financial planning: It is important to find out about the tax implications in advance and to keep an eye on financial planning to ensure sufficient funds for the move and the start in the destination country.

How do I get a visa for abroad?

The requirements for a visa vary greatly from country to country. In order to obtain a visa or residence permit, it is critical to learn about the requirements and application process in advance and take the appropriate steps. It may also be advisable to contact a professional immigration agency for assistance. We have provided a lot of information about obtaining a visa for each country on our information pages. You are also welcome to contact us for more information.

How do I find accommodation abroad?

It is advisable to find out in advance about the housing situation in the destination country and, if necessary, to research accommodations. Real estate agencies, asset managers or online platforms can be used for the search. It can also be useful to rent temporary accommodation on site in order to have time to search for a suitable permanent solution at your leisure. Also for this problem we have the solution, we have for you a real estate portal which provides you with properties for sale or rent. Here you can also select these country-specific, depending on the country to which you want to emigrate.

What do I have to consider regarding taxes if I want to emigrate as a German?

Before emigrating from Germany, it is important to find out about the tax regulations in the destination country. These can differ significantly from the regulations in Germany. Consulting a tax professional or tax advice can be helpful in avoiding potential tax consequences. Some countries also have double taxation treaties that prevent you from having to pay taxes in both countries.

Valuable advice for a smooth move planning

Extensive planning and preparation is essential for a successful international move. From organizing the move to adjusting to a new culture, there are many important factors to consider. Here are some useful tips for planning an international move:

Preparation for the move

Careful preparation is critical to a successful move. It is important to find out in advance about the laws and regulations in the destination country and to seek professional advice if necessary.

A detailed schedule and timely execution of all necessary steps are also of great importance.

Earning income abroad

Before you can work abroad, you should find out about the employment opportunities and working conditions in the destination country. It is also advisable to make sure that you have the necessary skills and qualifications to find a job. Online job exchanges and specialized agencies can be helpful here. Also for this we have a platform for you which is a help for the job search abroad.

Adaptation to a new culture

Emigration often requires adaptation to a new culture and way of life. It is advisable to learn about the cultural differences in advance and prepare for them if necessary. An open mind and the willingness to gain new experiences and adapt are also of great importance and, strictly speaking, the prerequisite for emigrating.

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